Realistic Wild life and nature paintings Elephants Sri Lanka srilanka - Elephants - Leopards - Bear - Oil Paintings

Unique amongst wildlife artists, Vishi Dharmadiriwardena has the ability to show creatures so realistic that in the eye of the beholder they almost become alive and hardly seem to have been drawn at all. Close-up studies reveal that the artist has an almost uncanny ability to capture the moods and "emotions" of the animals as well as the atmosphere of the landscapes which are home to these creatures.

He has proved himself to be a versatile artist, working in various mediums such as oil and watercolour.All works are individually painted and are never duplicated.

Only high quality art materials are used and all the care has been taken to ensure that the client receives only the best when completing an order of a painting.

Contact Vishi on 0094 729044939 / 0094 4969593 / 0094 4616215
or E Mail :

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